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TFG Fishing Clothes

Stylish clothing for the specialist angler from TFG (TFGear) in quality material

TF Gear NEW Thermo-Skin Fishing Underwear Medium
Keeps you warm during the coldest weather Hand warmer pockets provide extra comfort Essential insulating garment Superior quality micro fleece Sizes: M - XXL

TFG TF Gear Hardcore Bond Girl T-Shirt
  • Top quality cotton T-shirt featuring sexy Hardcore Fishing Babe silhouette
  • Edgy street style design - cool and stylish
  • The coolest T-shirt in fishing
  • Nostalgic reminder of pre-carping days...
  • Distinctive!

  • Hooded, one-piece, fleece suit that keeps the deep winter carp specialist warm all day and all night
  • Incredibly comfortable: no constrictions
  • Complete freedom of movement. Draft-free, whole body warmth
  • Superb sleep-suit!
  • Perfect mid-layer...perfect!

TFG TF Gear NEW Wavehopper Vest Auto Re-Arming Kit
  • Re-arming kit for Airflo wavehopper vest

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