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Greys Fly Lines

The GRXi and Platinum range of fly Lines offer superb casting qualities,
memory free use and excellent value for money

Greys GRXi Fly Line Floating WF7F

Greys New Fly Fishing Platinum Floating WF8 Fly Line.
  • Improved coating offers slick casting and dirt repellent finish
  • Upgraded braided core offers memory free use and improved bite detection
  • 5F - 6F - 7F - 8F
  • Supple memory free coating.
  • Extended front and rear tapers matched to long bellies offer superior distance without losing presentation.
  • 5F - 6F - 7F - 8F - 9F - 10F

Greys G Series Floating Fly Line

Greys Platinum Floating Fly Lines Floating, Heron Grey
  • Excellent value for money budget fly line with an easy casting taper
  • Braided core offers memory free use and improved bite detection
  • The extended front and rear tapers and the long belly of the line gives tremendous distance and subtle presentation.
  • The low-diameter running line has less air resistance for increased line speed, easier mending and longer distance. The subtle memory free coating which irons out loops and makes for long, smooth casts and great line presentation on the water's surface.
  • The floating lines come in heron grey or high visibility orange.
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